Our Story

This company started shop on our founder’s computer when she first started out as a small time producer for independent short films. It is through her love for being able to submerge herself into the narratives of the films she watched or relate to the characters as well as her passion for writing this company was started.

Our mission with the company is to place independent films in the context of quality in the world we live in – how they evoke emotion, nostalgia and passion. We immerse ourselves to tell the stories that would normally be left on the bookshelf to collect dust. Or in this day and age, to be left as a .doc file/image on our desktop, waiting. We are always changing through the many submissions and diverse screenwriters, while ultimately changing the culture of film.

Our dream is to ultimately become a company that people recognize through our memorable, contemporary films.

Our purpose as a production company for independent films is for the underground & unknown writers. To become more available to them. What sets us apart from most production companies is that we accept scripts without the middleman of an agent. We make a spotlight for the underground/unknown writers. To give them a chance to exhibit their work on the silver screen. We also want to bring more awareness to independent films and to let those films be seen as an art form.

We value passion. Humility. And most of all independence. We are not afraid to push the boundaries in order to evoke emotion.


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